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Benefits to the cafe owners

  1. Give freedom to your work:
    You can leave the counter work to others. Multi-Shop provides you with operation statistics and financial data on a daily basis - all the data you need in order to grow your business towards any future goals.

    Sit back and get ready for the easiest and most convenient operation method.

  2. Monitor your call from anywhere:
    'Anyview' program enables you to check the status of the shop and financial data on a real-time basis from any computer that is online.

  3. Increase your income:
    Conduct better events and promotions. This can be done by collecting and interpreting the accurate data and statistics provided to you by Multi-Shop.

Benefits to the counter manager

  1. Show capabilities:
    Data will show your exactly how well the counter manager contributes to the management of the shop and the business.

  2. Focus on area of responsibility:
    With an overall activity tracking system in place, the counter manager can focus on specific responsiblity instead of trying to keep an eye on everything.

Benefits to cafe customers

  1. Simple, Quick and Easiest use:
    Don't waste time, jump into the world of the Internet - enioy browsing and gaming immediately.

  2. Don't worry about personal information:
    Your personal information will be fully protected by a leak-proof system.