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1. Purpose
This agreement defines and explains the terms and conditions of using the software ‘Multi-Shop’ which is provided by Funizen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ‘Company’)

2. Definitions
(1) ‘User/Member’ – a member who uses the Multi-Shop service by creating an Account ID with the Company.
(2) ‘Account ID/Membership’ - a combination of letters and numbers which is selected by a User and assigned by the Company. An account ID is required to use the services provided by the Company.
(3) ‘Password’ - a combination of letters and numbers which is used to authenticate each User.
(4) Terminate Membership - Cancellation of services from the Company

3. Validity of this Agreement
This agreement is considered to be accepted when a User selects the option “I agree to the terms of this Agreement” during the registration process and is valid until the account is terminated.
This agreement becomes valid from the time of the User’s membership registration; it can later be changed if deemed necessary by the Company. When the Agreement is changed, the Company will announce it on the website and clearly explain the changes and their effects.
When a User agrees to this Agreement, he/she also automatically agrees that they will periodically visit the Company website or the Multi-Shop website and check if there is any change to the existing terms and conditions of the Agreement. The company will not entertain any claims based on conflict or confusion arising out of the User being unaware of changes to the agreement.
If the User does not agree with the changed terms or conditions of the Agreement, he/she can request the company to terminate membership. However, if the User does not register his/her intention to terminate his/her membership within 7 days of a change, it is automatically regarded that the User agrees to the changed terms of use and wishes to continue his/her membership.

4. Registration Process and Obligations
The User can register for an account with the company through the website of the company or through the multishop website. At this time, all the information provided by the User has to be correct and up-to-date. The company may verify the information provided by the user at its own discretion and may use it to approve or disapprove the registration.

The User agrees that

1) The user information provided at the time of registration is correct and upto date.
2) The user application adheres to the norms laid out by the company in the registration form.

5. Acceptance of Registration
The company reserves the right to accept or deny any registration by the User. Moreover if the company chooses to deny registration to a User at its own discretion, the company is not obligated to present the reason for denying the registration. But at its own discretion the company may explain to the user the cause of denial of registration.

Some of the reasons but not all for the company to deny the registration are

1) User information is incorrect or out of date.
2) Application is submitted for the purpose of misusing the service.
3) Application is submitted by the Company's business competitor.

6. Assignment of Account
The Company agrees to assign an account to the User, as defined by the Agreement. Once an account is registered and assigned, it cannot be changed. If the User wants to change it, he/she has to terminate their membership and register again. However, an account can be changed by the Company’s own discretion. Some of the circumstances but not all which will warrant a name change of User Account ID are
(1) The account has been/might be leaked to a third party
(2) The account information can be easily guessed by others
(3) The account information may offend others or violates the rules of conduct in any way

7. Rights and Obligations of Company
The Company owns all copyrights to the intellectual property of the café management solution, Multi-Shop.
The Company will do its best to provide stable and consistent service to the User.
The Company will do its best to keep User information securely under protection.
The Company will not share the User information to any third party.
The Company can use the information collected from the User to be used for its promotional purposes.
The Company does not warrant that its services will meet the User’s requirements or that the operation of the service will be uninterrupted and error-free.
The Company listens to the suggestions and complaints of its Users; as long as they are reasonable, the Company will try to improve its service quality accordingly.
The Company may not provide service in time of war, earthquake or other natural disasters and is not responsible for any such occurrences.
The Company is not liable for any special, consequential or indirect damages; including any lost profits/data arising out of the usage of or the inability to use the Company’s service.
The Company does not compensate for the loss which arises from maintenance, construction, replacement of hardware, hacking or system errors, and others.
The Company shall not take any responsibility for business losses or unsatisfactory performances of businesses that the User runs with the Company’s service. Company shall not compensate for the loss which User have collected or stored with using Company’s service.
The Company is not responsible for credibility or accuracy of the information or material which the User has provided.
The Company is not responsible for any value added services or other services that may be provided along with Multishop.

The Company does not take any responsibility for any loss which may come from the communication, participation, and transaction between advertisement clients and the User (or the User’s customers)

8. Rights and Obligations of User
When the User’s information is changed, he/she has to provide the new information immediately.
The User bears all responsibilities if any conflict or damage occurs because of information leakage due to their own careless management or misuse of their account.
The User cannot conduct any profitable activities or sales using the Service without the prior agreement of the Company.
The User cannot transfer or sell his/her membership to others.
The User agrees that the Company’s service to User is enabled by the revenue from advertisements. Therefore, the User agrees to allow the exposure of advertisements while the User’s customers are using the Company’s service.
If the Company is damaged in any way by the User’s illegitimate activities, the User must compensate the Company in full. The Company can delete the User’s account, and can initiate legal proceedings against the User to recover the losses.
Users are forbidden from performing the following activities with the Company’s service :
- Activities to hack/crack or otherwise damage the Company’s service, website or other programs/websites
- Activities to sell or transfer the information which is collected from the Company’s service
- Activities which are against the public order or social norms
- Activities to infringe the rights of others, or to damage others’ reputation or privacy
- Activities which may be used or be related to criminal activities
- Activities to violate the Company’s policy or decisions
9. Privacy Policy.
The Company will do its best to protect private information. However, it is not responsible for any leakage of user information or for the damage caused by leakage of information due to external forces such as a third party hack, inevitable system error, fault of the User, etc.