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Funizen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ‘Company’) recognizes the importance of private information and has a strict privacy policy in order to protect it. Here, the Company briefly shows how the information of User is secured and used, and how the Company protects it against any possibility of misuse.

1. Purpose
The Company’s policy is to protect the personal information of its users through a comprehensive technological and administrative policy.

2. Scope of Personal Information
Personal information covers the critical and private information of individual users, including their account IDs and passwords.

3. Agreement of Users for Information Collection
The Company regards the registration of the User as meaning that the User also agrees to the Company collecting and using the User’s information for purposes detailed below.

4. Purpose of Information Collection
User information is collected to improve the Company’s service. In certain special cases, the Company may ask for more detailed information for more specialized purposes; in such cases, the users can decide the scope and level of information they will provide.

5. Scope of Information
The Company collects basic information from its users. It does not ask for the information that may infringe the privacy of Users; such as information regarding race, ethnic identity, health, criminal record, political opinions, etc.
The basic information requested by the Company is:
(1) Name, account ID and password : To recognize the individual user
(2) Address, phone number, email address : To build a communication channel for announcements regarding new events or services
(3) Residential area and location : For statistical use

6. Collecting additional information.
In addition to the basic information, the Company may request additional information in case:
(1) The User joins an online/offline event or promotion
(2) The User reserves or purchases anything through the Company’s service
(3) The Company conducts surveys or research to improve the quality of its service. At this time, the User can decide whether to agree to the Company’s request or refuse it.

7. Obligations of Funizen and User
The User bears the primary obligation to protect his/her account information and password. He/she must always be cautious and never reveal or expose their account-related information to others.
The Company bears the obligation not to sell the Users’ information to a third party; however, it can make use of the User’s information:
(1) In order to improve service quality
(2) In order to promote the Company’s new product or service
(3) Facilitate the billing and payment process regarding the service
(4) For statistical purposes and marketing analysis
The Company is not liable for any special, consequential or indirect damages; including any lost profits or lost data arising out of the usage of or inability to use the Company’s service.

8. Exceptions of Privacy Policy
Even if the Company makes it a policy not to reveal User’s information, with the agreement of the User or with the request from government authorities or by the law, the company may consider a case exceptional and take the necessary action. Also, partners and sponsors of the Company may have access to User information. However, in such cases, only e-mail addresses will be provided; other personal and private information will not be revealed.
With regards to the Users who violate the agreement of registration or who infringe the right and property of other users intentionally/unintentionally, the Company may reveal the personal information of such Users in order to protect other innocent users.

9. Terms of Information Collection and Usage
The Company owns the private information from the time of the User’s registration until the time the User chooses to terminate his/her membership. As long as the membership is valid, the Company can keep or make use of a user’s information. However, once the membership expires or is terminated, the information associated with that account cannot be used and will be deleted.

10. Change of Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is always open for viewing on our website and can be read by Users at any time. It may be modified according to the Company’s decisions in the future. If and when the Company decides to change the policy, it will announce the change on the website and clearly explain how exactly the policy has been changed. In turn, users must be remember to check the website often for any such notifications. If any conflict, damage or loss arises from the user’s ignorance regarding such changes, the user will take the full responsibility.

11. Customer Service.
The Company does its best to assure that users enjoy its service with convenience and pleasure. Regarding the privacy policy, the Company will listen to any suggestions or complaints sent via e-mail to multishop@funizen.com.