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The final deathmatch battle between Fantastic 4 and Dhoom Rockers ended with Fantastic 4 reaching the 100 Frag limit. Dhoom rockers were a good 21 frags behind with the Final Score being (100 - 79.

Fantastic 4
The Fantastic Four - Aakash, Rohan, Amol and Chaitanya

Four clans entered the competetion at Dhoom Cyber cafe early this sunday. As a knock out tournament, their options were limited and every match had to be won to survive the tournament.

Super Indians and Warlocks put up a brave battle before they succumbed to Fantastic 4 and Dhoom Rockers. Well played guys, Better luck to you in the next tournament :).
Chaitanya With Chaitanya (Ranked 19) playing for Fantastic 4 leading the attack with his well developed character, Fantastic 4 was able to keep up a good lead against Dhoom Rockers. He showed very skilled play considering his age just turned double digits.
Dhoom rockers did pull off some impressive shots and attempted a come back but in vain. Congrats to Dhoom rockers for making it to the finals and giving a tough fight.
Congrats to Fantastic Four, they have won 2000 Rs cash prize for themselves.

All members of the finalists will also get exclusive 9MM Online T-shirts.
9MM gamers at Dhoom cafe, Pune

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