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Magma cafe, Pune was the host to a fun filled 9MM online tournament last sunday.

The event attracted a few local clans who participated for a reward price of 2000 Rs. True to its
nature, the deathmatch mode kept the competetion very close and one of the matches even
had a draw.

Team Magma, their home clan won the tournament and took cash prize of 2000 Rs home.

Those who missed it need not fret,

Just give your contact information here and we will invite you for next week's tournament.

If you wish to host a similar game tournament in your cyber cafe, contact cafesupport@funizen.com

Meanwhile here are some pics from the tournament.

Magma tournament

Magma tournament winners

Magma 9mmonline gamers

Think you can do better, Start playing 9MM Online now and get ready for next week's tournament.

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