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Dear Cafe Owners,

Over the past week some of you had trouble accessing our website or even connecting the Multi-Shop server. This was due to DNS resolution failure with some ISP''s. During this time you might have experienced either one or all of the following

- Not able to access the cafe.funizen.com website
- Not able to login to Initial setting wizard while re-installing Multi-Shop
- The counter program crashes displaying runtime error.

This issue has been resolved with concerned ISP's and DNS servers. But as a result of DNS cache it is possible that some of you may still experience this issue. If so we recommed you to clean the cache and try again.

To clean the DNS cache

1. Go to Start - > Run

2. Type CMD and press enter

3. type IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS and enter

4. Close the browser and open it again.

If you are still facing issues, please contact us at cafesupport@funizen.com

Best Regards,
Team Funizen.

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